Friday, June 10, 2005

What a week !

I can't believe a week has past already. My how time flies ... I've been out running around all week. Farmers Market is always fun but I truly enjoy "out to lunch" at Carras park ... I made it out Wednesday for some free music and good eatin', although I didn't see any of my old friends and didn't make any new ones, I still had fun by myself... Then I topped off the day with a trip through Rockin' Rudy's and bought a fun "a Perfect Circle" CD (eMOTIVe) a collection of cover songs done in that special Maynard James Keenan style ... And I got the new N.I.N. (with teeth) ... And I was told that the Gene Loves Jezebel "promise" CD will be in tomorrow ... ooooh I can't wait!
and then there is the farmers market again tomorrow ... So if I don't get rained on I expect to have another splendid-spiffy day ! gleee !

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