Tuesday, July 25, 2006

I'm a LOUSY Blogger !

Lousy or Lazy ... either way, I feel that I should be writing a lot more than what I've been writing these past couple months.
I do have things to talk about, and a couple more Birthdays have passed (my Brother Brrrtt and Nice Niece Meggy) and I didnt post pictures for them or wish them happiness (sorry sorry sorry) ... I guess I've been busy playing in the sun all day and then I'm too tired in the evenings to sit at the computer. It's been averaging 100 degrees every day for a week or so, but I'm still getting out in it and acclimating to the heat, Today was 95 in the shade and it actually felt quite nice !

One thing that I REALLY enjoy are late evening strolls , a nice relaxing journey to the store to get sweets (cinnimon rolls) and coffee ... it's just so nice to be out meeting other people who are out walking and ejoying the fragrance of flower gardens and freshly mowed lawns (people in my neighborhood have beautiful yards, thick with flowers and shrubbery)... Anyway, evening strolls are one of my favorite things to do durring the summer months, next to outside concerts in the park, and farmer's market ... I will have pictures of these events by the end of summer , I'm still old-fashioned , still using 35mm cameras , so I don't have the option to go out photoshooting and download the pictures into the PC , like the special people with digital cameras (place raspberry icon here)

Friday, July 14, 2006

Kitty cat hat ... Here is one for "Meow" just to bring a smile to your day ... I'm a cat lover too!

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

a wolf ... I know I already posted this one , but I thought I'd put it up again just to keep all my wolves in line

WOLVES ! ... I was writing a letter to Jill (a few years ago) and there was empty space at the top of the letter ... I started to doodle ... after a while the doodles became images of these wolves ... probably one of the best pictures I ever drew of wolves ... funny how things like that happen

A WOLF ! ... this is another picture I drew for my Sister, Jill ... this one is a Birthday card