Thursday, November 24, 2005

Gobble Gobble ... Gobble up some yummies for your tummies

Happy Thanksgiving ! ... this is from the full-page newspaper ad , so it is too big for my scanner to scan it ...bla bla bla ... but you get the idea... this is what it looks like in color

Thursday, November 10, 2005

everything you say is amusing !

1969 - Sometimes you climb into my lap and say; "Let's Laugh !" and you proceed to get hysterical, and so do I, it's contagous!
(written by my Mom)

Birthday !

well ... Yesterday was my birthday ... I had apple pie for breakfast, went out to lunch with my sister, and ordered pizza for dinner (1st time since 1997) so, I did spoil myself a little. I dug out my "baby book" of birthdays and christmases and other important holidays ... so I am sharing a few pages from that book ... I belive my Mom has all the pictures of holidays after 1970, I'll hunt around for them and post some later if I find them ... in the mean-time... I hope you giggle along with me

Birthday 1970 ... this is the only birthday party I remember as a child ... the next was my 18th Birtday (over 100 people showed up for that one) ... those sure are some ugly cupcakes , I wonder what flavor they were

Birthday 1969 ... GITARINA!

Birthday 1968

1967 ... Belive it or not, this was my Birthday suit (not Halloween) ... mom says; " turned out so cute, but you then proceeded to bound from one chair to the other til we swatted you for jumping on the furniture!"

1966 ... I'm the little bugger striking a pose up front ... what a beautiful family !

oh ... my sister showed me this ... see my pictures are being used for other things besides Rockin' Rudy's ... I just wonder if they know who the artist is ? ... I feel happy that someone has chosen one of my pictures to represent their event, of all the billions of pictures in the world ...

Halloween 1966 ... my Mom always had great costumes for Halloween ... this is one of many favorites, I was afraid of my own ugly face