Tuesday, May 31, 2005

This is a funny post-card that Jilly Jill sent me a few years ago ... I found it when I was packing ... I think it's funny and it reminds me of the "Birthday" picture .. kinda, sorta ... LOL

Benji and Kat got married last month ... I was a "bad Dad" and didn't go ... I guess I was too busy with my depression

This is the PreacherMan who married them

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

I'm almost finished moving

I only have one more truck-load of stuff to move .. I'll get it tomorrow ... It has been a busy busy week and Dori wrenched her back trying to lift my trunk full of cassette tapes (sorry sis) I must say My Sisters are terrific ! They spent all weekend helping me move and helped get my new place put together... I am very grateful to have them in my life

Well ... I love the new place ! ... I love it ! I love it ! I love it !
I was tempted to call Katie Q right away and ask her to drive up and see it hehe .. So, I was at the Wal*mart the other day, with my sister Dori, and she pointed out some yummy peanutbutter cream cookies (generic brand) that were on sale and suggested I might like to get some ... I explained to her that I can't get those anymore ... "Why?" she asked ... Well, because I'm not "trailer trash" anymore ! ... LMAO! (I got them anyway) . BUT ! I got some WONDER BREAD and STARBUCKS coffee too !
the combination of Starbucks espresso and "gateway of India" incense makes my new place smell like Butterfly Herbs Coffee house ... Mmmm... Yummmmy !

jack spratt illustrations

jack spratt illustrations
hehehe ... I'm blogging my own blog !

Thursday, May 19, 2005

I'm moving !

I'm moving accross town ... I've been packing stuff for the past few days ... this has given me the opportunity to do some invintory .. LOL ... FUN !
I have a lot more music equipment and stuff than I realized ... 3 amplifiers, 1 pre-amp, 3 recievers, 4 turntables, 3 cassette dubbing decks, only one CD player ? ... but it's a 5 disc changer, so I guess that counts for something, hmmm... several crates of vinyl LPs, tons of cassette tapes (3x2x2 traveling trunk full) and boxes and boxes of CDs ... I feel that if I started listening to ALL of this music, I would die of old age before I finished ... it is nice having such a large assortment of tunes, I'm always pleased with the "soundtrack of my life" ... gleee !
Anyway ... I'm moving this weekend so I don't know when I'll get the phone transfered over to the new place, it might be a few days ... I'll post a picture as soon as I'm back online

Look ! ... it's Ben !

Saturday, May 14, 2005

+ + + Gene Loves Jezebel + + +

+ + + + The Official Gene Loves Jezebel Home + + + +
I was looking for their first album "Promise" and discovered that their website is pretty nice!
click on AUDIO for the GLJ mp3 player ... after the song downloads you can (copy-paste) it from your temporary folder ... my favorite song is "Gorgeous" ... I guess because it takes me back to the 80s, listening to Joan's radio show on KUFM (city lights)
this one was suposed to be posted last week, for Mother's Day, but my "HELLO" uploading program wouldn't work ... I decided to uninstall the new version and re-installed the old one, so now it works... anyway ... that's why it is a week late ... just incase you were wondering

LOVE ... just because it feels good

I'm a workin'man

Well... After being on "vacation" for a few years, I am back to being a workin' man. I finally started doing some digital-editing-recording for Rockin' Rudy's , although, IF it takes off well ... and IF it looks like I can make REAL money at it ... then I am thinking of making it my own bussiness and Rudy's will contract jobs to me ... either way, it is fun to be playing with music again . I think Music is my true love and obsession ... Art comes in at a close second ... but music wins by a nose

Congrats to the Graduates ... Today is graduation day in Missoula. My Niece is graduating from highschool soon , Way To Go !

Sunday, May 08, 2005

Happy Mother's Day .. to all the mothers out there ... Dori, Jill, Nelli, Katie Q, Maree, Carol, and of corse my Mom too ... I hope your day is filled with giggles and smiles

Happy Bug your Mom Day !

Thursday, May 05, 2005

A bird in the hand ... ??? ... I dunno ... another one of my early drawings found in a dusty box of stuff .. hmmm

let me in , let me out ... I was digging around in my old drawings and dusty stuff and found this , the first idea-sketch for "let me in, let me out" this one ended up on an album cover for a band called "Spag" (Karl Rogers) ... I wonder what ever happened to him ???

Unicorns ... I thought this was a nice Springtime picture ... A lame attempt at water-color ... look at the date (1990) wow! that was a while ago