Friday, April 28, 2006

Art is Life ... Life is Art

Jon Cox creates sculptures out of recycled materials (check out his archived posts too) Here are a couple pictures in the spirit of recycling and in the spirit of Earth Day ... one mans garbage is another mans treasure

I found it ... I'm recycling ... someone threw it away, I found it, now I'm posting it

I found this picture in a dirty alley

Friday, April 21, 2006

the Raven Cafe'

Now that it has stopped snowing I plan on getting out more , Awaken from my winter hibernation ... the Raven Cafe' is one of my favorite places to hang out and they have the best coconut macaroons in the world ! (they will be happy to mail some to you if you ask nicely)
Recently they have added (more) live music to the menu of events , which means I'll be hanging out there more than ever , If you're in Missoula, stop by and say "hi"
  • you can take a tour here !

  • My sister Dori took these pictures of cool designs created by the early morning frost on her windows ... they help to answer the question : What is ART ?

    this one is my favorite ... it is so,so,so beautiful !

    I'm glad that my sister was able to capture the beauty of jack frost's artwork and share it with us

    nature's art ... need I say more?

    a frosty window ... edited by my sister Dori

    a pretty picture painted by jack frost

    Saturday, April 15, 2006

    it was snowing on the flowers

    Happy Easter !

    ... I got nothing to say ... really

    Enjoy your Holiday !

    Ruthie ... Freude haben kostlich schokolade frem Deutschland !

    (Ruthie ... delights in delicious chocolates from Germany ! )
    Here are a few Easter pictures , just to keep in the spirit of the season
    I'm trying to remember (or figure out) why these are the only pictures I have from any Easter things ... 15 years is a long time ... hmmm?
    Maybe the weather was too nasty to have a back-yard Easter Brunch (I know it is this year)

    Easter Brunch at Mom & Dad's ... a big family schwin-dig (1991)

    My Dad and My Mom ... chowin' down at Easter Brunch (1991)

    My Sister Jill and her boy Erin ... when he was itty bitty

    Dallon & Danelle look for hidden treasure

    Dallon & Danelle ... Easter morning 1991 (spiffy fuzzy bunny baskets)

    a horrible picture of my Sister ... I hope she don't hate me for posting it , But it is an Easter picture ... and her kids are so cute , as always

    Easter 1965 ... What's the deal with the cowboy hats ?

    Easter 1968 ... I LOVE these old pictures !!!

    This is the note my Mom wrote about me and the 1968 Easter events ... I'm still skinny though (you can click on these to make them bigger ... If you can't see very well)

    Sunday, April 09, 2006

    Photo Shoot 1984

    Way back in the 80s , my Brother and I did a couple of photo shoots for some college friends ... these next pictures are from the ones taken by Spencer Shearer , 1984

    There is a reason why the pictures are in such bad shape , At the time my Brother and I were living together and we both painted a lot , the paint was always flying in that apartment, pretty much everything in the house got paint spattered ... including these pictures , and I never was very good at keeping good care of my things, so the pictures got pretty scrathed up through the years

    I like the way they came out in these scans ... I think the damage has a neat feel that couldn't be created , other than through the way my neglect has created

    Brother Billy "Billion Strange" Brrrrt

    Here's my Brother ... waiting to have his picture taken

    that's my Brother , again

    1st Prize Winner

    Spencer entered this picture (my Brother picking me up) into a contest and won the blue ribbon !

    Big Bro. Billy says; "he ain't heavy, he's my brother"

    I think I was waiting to get my picture taken

    What do you think ? ... a little heavy with the eye liner?

    I think I'm too cool for my britches ... someone shoulda slapped me

    the damage on this picture looks like a cool "frankenstein" scar !

    Here I am ... shiteatingrin jack

    OK ... lmao! .. I guess I had a bad headache

    ... and as usual, here is the Artsy picture

    My Brother "Billion Strange" ... This is my favorite from this batch of photos


    Blurry Big Brother Billy Brrrrt

    another dirty picture ... for some reason I really like the effect of the scratches and stains

    Bro. Billy ... just chillin'

    Billy strikes a pose

    Brother Billion Strange has big feet

    Brother Billy Strange ... looking totaly RAD !

    ... sitting up straight

    I guess I need to go to school to learn how to use "Photoshop" ... in the mean time, I'm playing around with "Picasa" because it's easy

    Friday, April 07, 2006

    well ... here is a dark one taken last month

    same thing ... a little different

    in this one , I layered a picture of me from 15 yrs. ago with one from last month (I don't change much)

    another layered edit

    Double exposure ... I guess ... I never know what to say about my pictures

    messing around with photo editing

    Thursday, April 06, 2006

    I know you're laughing

    ... A note to Ben, A.K.A. Joe Cool Jr.
    I know you're laughing your fool head off ... you never saw this side of me , but I was young and foolish ... then I became the ROCKER that you know and love .
    Laugh yourself silly Ben , It's good medicine !

    (20 years later)lookin' not so Gay

    (20 years earlier)lookin' pretty Gay !

    A cool Artsie picture

    Old Pictures Of Me

    These are some old pictures of me from 1984 , I did a photo shoot with Joel Baird ( ... I think I look dorky all dressed up like a preppy ... but some of the pictures turned out pretty nice .

    I didn't take care of the pictures , they are scratched and dirty, I tryed cleaning them the best I could ... But I accually like the effect of the scratches , so ... here's some more pictures of the young jack spratt