Sunday, May 14, 2006

Happy Land ... that's where I was today ! this is very good medicine to shake off my winter blues (thank you Ruthie for sending this .. laughter is also good medicine)

Thursday, May 11, 2006

a week has passed

Sorry , I've been slacking again
I've been out enjoying the beautiful springtime weather (I got a sunburn!) and I re-discovered Bernice's Bakery , they have the best caramel nut cinnamon rolls, I haven't been there since the 80s and I had forgotten just how yummy their goodies are . The Downtown Bakery had a fire that burned up their kitchen so I am missing out on the apple coffee cakes (truely amazing cakes) that are usaully sold at the Farmer's Market , but I have been told that they will be back in business... someday.
Last weekend , at the Farmer's Market, I met a local publisher who is interested in putting something together for me (to get my artwork distributed around the country) I haven't decided on what to do yet , either post-cards or some kind of hippy coloring book or a dark zine of images or maybe all of the above ... either way , I want to keep it affordable to the lower class people (other starving artists) so this wont be anything fancy , but it will give me some exposure.
I'll be putting up some more pictures in the next day or two ... when I find the time

Monday, May 01, 2006

It's my Moms Birthday , this is the card I got for her ... We baked many warm memories in our kitchen (my favorite room of the house)

My Mom ... she's a very stylish lady (1957) ... she is so pretty here , I think she looks like a movie star

My Mom ... an itty bitty baby in the arms of her mom

My Mom ... (age 2) I guess she came full circle in her looks ... this is pretty close to how she looks today

My Mom ... cute as a bugs ear at age 3 (she has a look of mischief in her eyes)

My Mom ... cute as a bugs ear at age 7 (hmmm? ... I didn't know they had color way back then)

My Mom ... Jr. high school graduation (age 15)

My Mom ... stylish in the latest fashions (1954) V-neck with a bow in the back , she made it in "Home - Ec Class" (age 16)

My Mom ... strikes a pose ( age 17)

My Mom ... on a car (she was 18 yrs old here)

this was taken for her 1st Birthday

The Birthday Girl