Friday, June 27, 2008

cat on a log


yep yep yep... expect to see lots of pictures of her on my blog ... she is my muse
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a tree , a log


C'mere Kitty sleeping on a log
It surprises me how relaxed and "at home" she feels in the woods , after being raised as a city kitty
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I thought this was kinda nifty , a refection, looking outside the livingroom window ...
I took this picture lastnight , So it's the most recent one of me
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just a nice view

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I'm about to kick it into high gear and pass that slow-poke ... I only slowed down to take a few pictures
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watch out for that bridge


I'm heading up the outlet to the lake
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Edge of the World her head , I'm sure it must seem like the forest goes on forever and ever

You can't really see it in this picture , But she is sitting on the edge of a drop-off that drops down about 200 ft.
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My Kitty Cat


It's a cat on a chair !!!
But she's MY cay on a chair , So I guess that makes her special
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