Sunday, August 06, 2006

Here are a few pictures

These are a few pictures that I was going to post last month in honor of my Niece's Birthday (Meaghan) ... so ... I'm a little late but I still wanted everyone to see how adorable she was (and still is) although, I don't have any recent photos scanned at the moment, you'll have to take my word for it that she grew up to be a beautiful young lady (I'll post more pictures in the future)

I'm still playing in the sunny sunshiney days and making the most of the (too short) summer season ... I'll try to blog more often and share some of my days with you.

Have a swell day ... and a pleasent tomorrow!

It's time for the Western Montana Fair here in Missoula ... Carnival rides, Rodeo, exhibits of art-crafts projects, cotton candy, corndogs, frybread, etc... and our favorite Norwegian Vickings sausages! YUMMY !

Have a NICE day !

A Birthday card I did for Meaghan (practicing Manga style art) ... I know I'm a month late for getting this posted for her Birthday , better late than never ... right?

Meaghan ... Making a funny face and being a ham for the camera

Meaghan and Erin ... Meaghan was having fun practicing her poses , but I think Erin was bored with the whole thing

Meaghan ... pretty cute and adorable (Erin in the background)

My Niece and Nephew ... I took this picture about 10 years ago when they were little whippersnappers