Sunday, April 08, 2007

IMVU 3D Chat

OK ... I started adverising on my blog ... NOT to earn money or anything , But because because IMVU 3D chat is the funnest thing I've done in years , I feel like a teenager again ... Having a body that can do back-flips and candlestick kicks has given me new life (even if it is only vertual life)
I'm having a blast exploring new places and meeting new people. So, if you signup and want to hang out with me, just leave a message and we'll make it a date. (Jack Spratt nickname was already taken)

I hope the advertisement isn't too obnoxious

Happy Easter !!!

I know I've been terrible at keeping my blog up to date (that's old news)
Spring has finally Sprung here in Montana and I am coming out of my winter hibernation ... I'm hoping to get out and take some photos of this beautiful town (before the wildfire season bagins) We have been having wonderful weather and I feel energized ... but I'm still stuck in my winter rut , or habbit , of staying indoors and reading and keeping warm by the warm glow of the television. Well ... all is good and I'm sitting in the sunbeam shining in through the window , getting an early start on my summer tan !!!

I hope everyone has a very happy Easter !!!

Thank You !!!

I wish to thank everyone who has donated to the "Don't let Jack become a homless bum fund"
I really apreciate the help, although, I don't think there is any real threat of me becoming homeless ... The donations have helped me keep up with winter power bills and put a dent in some old medical bills ... And helped me shake-off them winter blues !!!
Thank You , Thank You , Thank You !

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

DeviantArt (dot) Com

I started a new thing at Deviant Art (don't know why they call it deviant) But I am posting my artwork there ... it is a lot nicer ... less cluttered ... easier to view my pictures because it is just a gallery without all this other blogging stuff ... so if you would like to look at my drawings without searching through the archives >>> <<< this is the place to go !!!