Friday, March 31, 2006

And don't forget , If you click on the pictures they open in a much larger size so you can see them better ... if you wish

Scrap Book Photos

I needed a smooth transition into posting photos .... So , here are some pictures from my scrap-book ... collage style ... sorta? Either way , they amuse me so hopefully you will enjoy them too .
Next ... I'm thinking of posting a bunch of photos that I like . in no particular order ... just pictures from diferent photo albums that I like

Happy Easter ! ... those Easter malt balls are fun the way they paint your mouth different colors

My Niece and Nephew ... dressed up for Halloween (they're all grown up now) This is one of my favorite pictures of them

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Ruthie ... cute as a bugs ear ... those rich - bright colors look great on her !

Kiki and Me ... she loved me (and only me) and always enjoyed sleeping on my knee .. silly little kitty ... I'll post some pictures of her in her later years ... she got really fat !

Me and My Brother ... being the pose-monsters that we are ... and being a bit goofy (as usual)

Me and My Brother ... being the pose-monsters that we are ... I LOVE looking like a DORK !

... about these pictures ...

The little pictures around the border are from a photo shoot we did for Spencer Sheeer ... He won 1st place in a contest with one of them

My Brother ... modeling in a "new wave" fashion show back in 1982 (to the tune of Adam Ant)

I did a little bit of modeling for Joel in my younger days ... I think I was 19 or 20 yrs. old in this one

... another one that I took of myself ... it was 120 degrees that day , that's why I look so HOT !

I'm a Hippy !

I took these of myself back in the 90s , before I had a webcam, if my arms were a little bit longer ... maybe they would be centered better, but I still like 'em

Scruffy Me ... I'm not bad ... I'm just drawn that way

Scruffy ! ... I look stoned , but I'm just happy

I can't remember if I already posted this one ?