Saturday, March 26, 2005

I seem to have lost my head

I managed to get two pictures put up this month ... I don't know what is going on . I do know that I have been stressed out to the max this past month and I can't get motivated to do anything creative ... I have about ten pictures started and can't seem to finish any of them ... Maybe it's the medication ? ... Maybe it's the weather ? ... Maybe it's not having any time to myself ? (I can't even get this typed out without being interrupted) "what 'cha doing?" "what's a blog?" ... And anyone who knows me, knows that I can't draw with someone looking over my shoulder. So, since I can't seem to get anything done, I am posting pictures from other artists that I admire ... I hope you like them too (I know Ben will like them ...hehehe)

aaaw well ... LMAO ... happy holidays ! ... need I say more ? ... this is by Todd Schorr

one of my favorite artist, Ron English, Did this morbid set of pictures ... I guess it has a bit of an Easter theme to it ?

Easter ? ... I just hope you can see the humor in this ... it makes me giggle

Easter ? ... because I'm in a snotty mood

Happy Easter ... obviously, this isn't one of my drawings but I sure like it a lot ... I've been in a "dark" mood lately so I felt like posting a picture of the darker (biblical) side of Easter rather than the fuzzy (pagan)Easter Bunny with colorful eggs ... the artist is

Saturday, March 12, 2005

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

kinda hippy... kinda flutey...kinda groovie... kinda sunnyday sittin' on a rock by the creek ...

Thursday, March 03, 2005

and now, for something completely different ... a weird lady enjoying a carrousel ride , just for the fun of it