Sunday, June 12, 2005


well .. I feel 19 yrs old again ... I got the Gene Loves Jezebel CD yesterday and I am loving it too much , I feel pretty silly loving it so much, but it holds a lot of great memories 1984 and 1985 were good years for me ... and this was my first "goth" album, so it opened the door to other swell bands like Bauhaus and Shriekback ... here are some pictures from those great years , I hope you don't laugh too hard

oh dear !

Just for fun ... and just to embarass myself ... LOL ... a little love for Jezebel

Me ... in 1984 ... My brother (Billy Strange) gave me the cool hair-shave-mohawk ... if you look close, you can see I'm wearing a Gene loves Jezebel T-shirt

This is me ... Back in 1984 ... Don't you think I look like a "Gene Loves Jezebel" FAN !!!

Gene Loves Jezebel .. and I love Jezebel too

Friday, June 10, 2005

What a week !

I can't believe a week has past already. My how time flies ... I've been out running around all week. Farmers Market is always fun but I truly enjoy "out to lunch" at Carras park ... I made it out Wednesday for some free music and good eatin', although I didn't see any of my old friends and didn't make any new ones, I still had fun by myself... Then I topped off the day with a trip through Rockin' Rudy's and bought a fun "a Perfect Circle" CD (eMOTIVe) a collection of cover songs done in that special Maynard James Keenan style ... And I got the new N.I.N. (with teeth) ... And I was told that the Gene Loves Jezebel "promise" CD will be in tomorrow ... ooooh I can't wait!
and then there is the farmers market again tomorrow ... So if I don't get rained on I expect to have another splendid-spiffy day ! gleee !

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Happy Birthday Dori !!!

it's my sisters Birthday today, I thought I should share some pictures of her growing up, but I couldn't find any of her birthday party pictures ... so here are some just to show what a cutie she was/is .. and a sweetie too !
I love you Dori !

Happy Birthday Sis ! ... it's a funny picture from the early 70s ... you look like Kristy McNichol ...LOL

Dori ... back in the 70s

Dori and I

Dori has been more than a sister to me , she has been my best friend through out my entire life ... She has helped me make it through the hardest struggles, held my hand in the emergency room on several occasions, held me and comforted me through dark sleepless nights, took care of me at times when I couldn't take care of myself, she has stuck with me and unconditionally loved me when the rest of the world rejected me and unjustly judged me ... Dori is a woman who cares about her friends and family so much that she will sacrifice her own comfort to help others. I am blessed to have her as a sister, As anyone is blessed to have her in their lives.

Me and Dori ... 1972

Me and Dori ... 1982

Me and Dori ... 1992