Sunday, January 29, 2006

A Blog ... finally

OK... OK ... Everyone has been pestering me because I haven't posted any pictures in such a long time . Mostly, I haven't been drawing lately... so I don't have any new pictures to post (soon I will ... I promise) ... in the meantime, Enjoy these old post-cards that I dug up and dusted off ... later this week I'll post some PHOTOS that I'm sorting out at the moment ... I hope you like them


Here are a Dozen Post-Cards that I made (and sent) back in the late 1980's - early 90's ... (trying my hand at collage) I know they are a bit weird , but I like them still... mostly I like the colors

Merry Christmas - Santa Kaleidoscope

Pigs in Zen ... I made this as a Mothers Day card ... My Mom still talks about it as one of her favorite cards from me

Kisses ! ... Roger Rabbit (it must have been a Valentines card)

psychedelic Roger Rabbit (Jessica Rabbit)

Another one that I focus on Color more than subject matter ... this is from the Roger Rabbit series

Trick or Treat ! (the EAT is on the other side of the card)

Happy Halloween !

Prospero's Books ... one of my all-time favorite movies by Peter Greenaway based on shakespeare's "the Tempest"

Drumming ... I have no idea what this one is about ... but I like the colors and it's a really good picture of me playing drums (Pattie-Poo on guitar)

Drumming again ???

This was created as as a travel post-card when Ruthie and I took a road trip to Oregon and collected a lot of junk that piled up on the motel table ... I'm not sure why Tom is standing there looking like a nerd, I guess I thought it was funny at the time

A Dark Mess

A Dark Mess ... I changed this one a little from the original