Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas Tree


Yes this is a FAKE tree... I would never have a Christmas tree if I had to kill one just to put in my house for a month, As you can see in the view out my window, I have plenty of pine trees in my yard, They are beautiful out there... I hope they are ALL still there a hundred years from now.

Besides that, this fake tree is a lot less messy and it looks real , even up close.
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This is my favorite room ... it's warm and cozy most of the time , when the fireplace is crackling and the wind isn't blowing ... it's a bit cluttered , but most of the clutter is interesting to look at.
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My cozy room
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well.. actually this one was taken today (4 days after Christmas)
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Monday, December 29, 2008


I started editing pictures with Photoshop last week , In the past I used Picasa because photoshop was intimidating and confusing , But my brother gave me a few lessons to help me get started (using textures and layers) ... so now I'm addicted , it's a lot of fun manipulating my pictures.
You can see more of my manipulated pictures on my Flickr blog thing.


I started posting my photos on Flickr ... check it out !!!

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Well ... it's been a long time, I guess it's time I finish this chapter and start a new one.
My friend Scott came up to help look for C'Mere when he heard that she had gone missing , I was in Missoula that day, when I got home Scott was crying and gave me the horrible news, that he had found her (what was left of her) while he was hiking down the hill below the house. We are fairly certain that she was attacked and eaten by a mountain lion that had been in the area this summer , one of my neighbors said he saw a mountain lion behind my house the evening C'Mere disappeared...
To add more sadness to the story, along with her remains, we also found the remains of her boyfriend, Dewey, He was as sweet as she was, He tryed to come inside twice that night and I shewed him away both times (damnit) I should have listened to him.
Also , we found remains of "Runt" my funny-face baby deer.
I guess it's true ... Death comes in threes... something like that.

I might blog more about C'Mere from time to time , when I need to share memories and feelings ... but for now, I need to start the new year in a happier direction.