Thursday, June 02, 2005

Happy Birthday Dori !!!

it's my sisters Birthday today, I thought I should share some pictures of her growing up, but I couldn't find any of her birthday party pictures ... so here are some just to show what a cutie she was/is .. and a sweetie too !
I love you Dori !


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Dori , We know how special Jack is , So you must be very special too . You two are lucky to have eachothers love and friendship (btw, how old are you? I thought Jack was the baby of your family)

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much. I do feel blessed to have Jack in my life... as the song goes; He's not heavy, he's my brother. It's an unconditional kind of love I have for him, I would be lost without him! (For those of you that are wondering... I just turned 44!)

Joe Cool Junior said...

Happy B-Day and thanks for helping to keep Jack with us in the land of the sane. He helped get me through alot of my adolecent stupidity and I owe him a huge debt. If someone hadn't been there for him, I probably would have turned out a bit different. =)

And Jack, your not a "bad dad". It's what I get for moving across the country. =P

~jack~ said...

Hey ! this is suposed to be "sing our praise to DORI day" ... I think the same things joe cool jr. says about me, works for Dori ... I would have turned out a lot less compassionate if it hadn't been for her steady suport and forgiveness, as I am a bit accident prone (physically and mentally)

Anonymous said...

Amen to that! LOL so.... on your birthday, I get to post pics of you? hee hee
thank you for not embarrassing me!