Saturday, January 08, 2005

Woofy ... the woodman's wolf Posted by Hello

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Anonymous said...

Wow,is saying alot, when it comes out of my husbands mouth. If he took notice then you know that this artwork is very good! I have spent much time staring at "woofy". Those eyes! Woofy almost talks to you. I like also, that only part of his head shows. It makes you dwell on what he is saying to you more. The fact that you have your feelings written with each picture is poetry! It brings the "you" in each picture out in front even more. This is your journal.. and its very nice reading it. Your love for your artwork shows in everyline. Dang, your good Jack Spratt!!! Very Spiffy 2. Love your work, love you, Nelli P.S TY for sharing your art with the world.