Monday, November 27, 2006

thanks for giving day

Over the river and through the woods to my mothers house I go ... All in all I had an OK holiday , I don't get along with my mother very well , But she begged me to go ... after hours of protest, I gave in and went.

The best part of the visit was that she lives up in the mountains (thick forest of pine trees) Waking up in the morning after it had snowed all night was breath-taking, I wish I had remembered my camera. It definately felt like a Holiday sitting in front of the fireplace, looking out the picture window, watching deer (a dow and 3 fawns) nibble grasses they found that wern't covered by the new snow , When I went out to the porch to smoke my stinkin' cigarettes the deer just looked at me, then kept on nibbling only a few feet away from me .. if I had some apples I'm sure they would have eaten out of my hand ... it was a perfect day to kick off the holiday season (next time I'll bring my camera)


Anonymous said...

I really wish you had taken you camera too! sounds beautiful!

Dori said...

sounds nice Jack, you should come sit out by my bon fire and watch my buck, doe, and two fawns nibble some time. heh!
I'm glad you went to see mother dearest, that took more guts than I can muster! Love you!