Monday, January 05, 2009

Spiffy Christmas


I spent Christmas day with my sister Dori , through the wonders of modern technology (webcam)
it was snowing pretty hard that day and I didn't feel like driving in the snow, plus Holiday traffic, So I got to stay safe at home ... and still was able to spend Christmas with my Sister !!!
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Dori said...

why do I look like I'm scowling? I think I was concentrating on that camera... getting it set up just right :) lol you could have taken a better one! it was so much fun having you there with us, to watch all the confusion, and listen to the little one's screeching. It wouldn't have been Christmas without you! Love you bunches! hugzzzz

~jack~ said...

I think you look scowly because it's only half of your face, some kind of illusion.
This was when I was showing the deer outside the window, maybe you were focusing.

It was nicer for me , being away from the screeching kids and crowded room and blaring television ... I did have a wonderful christmas. HUGIES !